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  • licensed Physiotherapist

  • Nike Coach

  • Barre & Pilates Instructor

  • Strength & Conditioning Coach 

  • specialized in supporting runners in their athletic training and boosting your confidence in the gym

Chrissi founded sorry, not sorry! studio because she simply enjoys moving herself a lot. Wether it's sweaty conditioning, heavy strength, a little run or conscious barre - she's all in for it. Her mission is to create a space where we can enjoy and explore various forms of movement together, learning and building connections.

Music: Techno, Deep House, EDM, (Indie)

Langauges: German, English, basic Spanish

Favorite Sports: Running and Snowboarding

waitlist for personal training.

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Pre/Post Natal Certified (Anette Lang)

  • BA in Dance Performance

  • additionally certified in TRX- STC Level 1, StrongFirst Kettlebell, Bulgarian Bag, Therabody Recovery


Jackie is specialized in getting people to move better and feel better with what's most optimal for their body. Her teaching style is a unique bend of fun and precision. As a professional dancer she likes to work hard, laugh harder and will probably entertain you doing some dance moves in the rest periods.

As our Pre/Post Natal expert Jackies classes are a gamechanger - expect tailored exercises and unwavering support, guiding you through your pregnancy and postpartum journey with confidence.

Music: Hip Hop / Reggeaton Mix

Languages: English 

Favorite Sports: Football or Soccer

available for personal training.





Eliza has a special love for biomechanics and mobility, the real mobility. She is going deep into the details of exercises improving your abilities while most importantly still having fun!

She keeps her workouts fun and fresh by mixing things up regularly – right now, she's loving cossack squats!

Music: something housey, Honey Dijon is a go to

Languages: English and (OK) German

Favorite Sports: Boxing

available for personal training.

Petra is all about squats - she loves them in every shape and form which is why she's our expert for strong and powerfull legs. In her classes, you'll experience her sweet and kind nature as she guides you through a variety of movements. 


Originally from a small village near Hannover, Petra traded rural life for the big city over two years ago. She brings a charm to her classes that instantly makes you feel welcome and supported.

Music: wild mix of Pop, Hip Hop and Techno Remixes

Languages: German, English and some Spanish

Favorite Sports:  mixing it up! heavy strength, barre, interval training, going for a run... anything! 



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